Rules SSA Portabeltest

Sponsored by Sveriges Sändareamatörer (SSA)

Last update: 2024-02-28 (dates 2024, log deadlines)

All hams in JW, JX, LA, OH, OHØ, OJØ, OX, OY, OZ, SM and TF are invited to participate in this contest.

Dates 2024:
Våromgången: May 19, 0700 – 1100 UTC
Höstomgången: August 18, 0700 – 1100 UTC

The Spring Part:
The Sunday in the third full weekend in May 0700 – 1100 UTC
The Autumn Part:
The Sunday in the third full weekend in August 0700 – 1100 UTC

CW: 3525 – 3575 and 7010 – 7040 kHz.
SSB: 3600 – 3670 and 7060 – 7130 kHz.

CW and/or SSB.

Single Operator – CW [SINGLE-OP-CW]
Single Operator – SSB [SINGLE-OP-SSB]
Single Operator – Mixed [SINGLE-OP-MIXED]
Multi Operator – CW [MULTI-CW]
Multi Operator – SSB [MULTI-SSB]
Multi Operator – Mixed [MULTI-MIXED]
Fixed operator – Mixed [FIXED-OP-MIXED]

To be recognized as Single Operator you must do the whole operation yourself without help. (You can of course be accompanied with persons making coffee and so on, but they are not allowed to help you put up the antennas and work the radio).

Fixed operators can only work portable stations and are not allowed to call CQ.

(The Cabrillo Categories are shown after each class).

Contest call:

Contest message:

Only QSO’s between stations in JW, JX, LA, OH, OHØ, OJØ, OX, OY, OZ, SM and TF will count.

Each station can be contacted once per band on each mode. For each valid contact the distance between the two stations will give the QSO points calculated as 1 point for every 10km.

You don’t need to calculate the score yourself.

Final score:
The QSO-points will be added and multiplied with the Power Multiplier* as follows:

• Mult. 01: More than 20 W
• Mult. 02: 5 – 20 W
• Mult. 03: 1 – 5 W
• Mult. 04: Less than 1 W

* Power measured at the antenna connector on the transceiver.
(Exactly 5 W. is mult. 02 and 4.99 W. is mult. 03).

Example: If you have used an output power of 2 W, your total QSO-points will be multiplied with 3 to get the final score.

A portable station is any amateur radio station with a portable power source and and with temporarily installed antenna(s). A mobile station is recognized as a portable station in this contest.

All entry categories are allowed to use Dx-cluster, CW-Skimmer or Reverse Beacon Network or similar technology for spotting assistance. Self-spotting is not allowed.

If you use contest software make sure you save the log in Cabrillo format. For those who use paper and pen during the contest can afterwards enter the log manually using SM2EZT program.

Logs should be in CABRILLO format and submitted via E-mail. Please insure that you fill out all of the header.

All logs received via e-mail will be confirmed via e-mail. It’s also nice to have a short story about your highlights, problems or whatever before, during and after the contest. Pictures are also welcome.

The logs should be submitted within 14 days.
(Deadline Våromgången May 21 is June 03 , 2024).
(Deadline Höstomgången August 20 is September 01, 2024).

E-mail logs to:

Awards to the first three in each country in all six classes.
The total winners in the three Single Operator classes will get a plaque.