Hög tid att boka CCF-mötet!

It’s time to act! Only one month to th “coolest” Contest & DX meeting in 2008! BOOK your cruise/cabin NOW!
Det är dax att boka CCF-mötet som går i mitten av januari! Det är mycket smidigt att vara med endast på lördagen om man inte har möjlighet att hänga med på hela kryssningen. Boka enligt instruktionerna nedan. När du bokat: lägg in en “comment” här på sidan så ser vi vilka som hänger på. Alltid triggar det några fler som inser att det här är super-tillfälle att få träffa likasinnade från hela världen och höra bra föredrag om contest och DX.


The last date to register as a dayvisiter is friday 11.1.2008. Because of the security control, getting the dayvisit cards is a bit harder this year.I will charge the fee 20 euros from your credit card, so please inform me by fax or by email to nina.krauel@area.fi the following details:

Day of Birth:
Credit card company (Amex, Visa, Mastercard etc.):
Credit card number:
Expiry date (mm/yy):
CVC security code (Amex 4 digits above the card number, other cards 3 last digits on the back side of the signature space):

Best regards

Nina Krauel

Some limitations in cabin availability already after Christmas! This week also Lux and A cabins still available! A and B cabins with same price! After 28.12.2007 all the free cabins will become available to other cruisers, too. Please act before that at the latest!

  • http://area.etapahtuma.fi/Default.aspx?tabid=2839
    Accesscode CCF08
  • NOTE: Daytime visitors in Stockholm on Sat 19.1.2008! 20 € per person.
  • NOTE: All 19.1.2008 daytime program visitors in Stockholm MUST be listed for security reasons by 11.1.2008!
  • NOTE: Only listed visitors are allowed to visit the ferry on Saturday 19.1.2008.
  • NOTE: Please inform your name + date of birth to
    nina.krauel@area.fi , tel. +358 (0)10 818 9323

On the meeting agenda :

  • CN2R station design and evolution (by W7EJ/CN2R)
  • 4O3A station automation (by 4O3A/YT6A)
  • From D4B to D4C ? Contesting from Cape Verde (by IK2NCJ, I4UFH, YL2KL, YL3DW, …)
  • A troublesome DXpedition 3B6SP –> 3B7SP (by SP5XVY)
  • VP6DX Ducie DXpedition (Feb 2008) update (by SP5XVY)
  • FO/M Marquesas Islands DXpedition ? Direct report from the Pacific (by OH Pacific Team)
  • RTTY Competing on high level
  • CW and SSB pileup contests (by CCF)
  • World Wide Young Contesters – WWYC
  • Arcala Xtremes OH8X update
  • … etc.

Time schedule (local times) :

Friday 18.1.2008

– 15:30: Check-in starts at the ferry terminal
– 17:30: Ferry leaves Helsinki (OH)
– 18:00: Get-together, Presentations (part I)
– 20:30: Contest/DX Buffet

Saturday 19.1.2008

– 09:40: Arrival to Stockholm (SM)
– 11:00: Presentations (part II)
– 16:45: Ferry leaves Stockholm (SM)
– 17:00: Contest & DX Dinner, A’la carte

Sunday 20.1.2008

– 10:00: Arrival to Helsinki (OH)

More info: www.contestclubfinland.com
Check airline special offers to Helsinki (HEL) and Tampere (TMP).

Tampere –> Helsinki by train takes 1:30-1:45 hours, avg 26€/person.

OH3RM’s taxi company offers special Contest shuttle from Tampere airport to Tampere
City and/or straight to Helsinki :

Up to 8 passengers (or even more), total prices / one way :

  • Tampere airport – Tampere City 30€
  • Tampere airport/City – Helsinki 240€ (Thursday/Friday, return to Tampere on Sunday)

If you need transportation from/to Tampere, please send e-mail to oh3rm@sral.fi or call +358 46 811 4466.

Merry Xmas!
CU “/MM” in January 2008!
On behalf of Contest Club Finland (CCF) and OH DX Foundation (OHDXF),

Comments from the 2007 cruise :

“S&%#TANA, it was very good!”
“My first time on the CCF cruise, and I really enjoyed it! Presentations were great with a wide spectrum of interesting topics. Everything together with the opportunity to meet your friends (and making new friends) is great. I will certainly join if there’s a cruise in 2008!”
“There was a good balance between presentations and time for eyeball qsos.”
“Cruise concept is excellent & good value.”
“Presentations by experience + number of participants = lots of interaction”
“Keep it mixed – DX/Contest topics and tecnical topics, too.”
“Keep on with your good work!!!”

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  1. Har idag anmält mig till lördagens dagbesök på båten.

  2. Har anmält mig också för lördagsbesök.
    Vi ses! 73 och Gott Nytt Göran -DHF

  3. Bokad… Vi träffas och käkar efteråt. Mötet är ju inte så långt.

  4. Jag åker bil med -DMP och -CER och vi kommer att vara med på Lördagen. En matbit efteråt blir trevligt.
    CU 73 de Tord

  5. Bokat och klart sedan länge. Vi ses på båten och äter gärna en bit mat efteråt i trevligt sällskap. 73 de Rune SM5COP

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