ES Open Championship 2009

Det kom en inbjudan från ES5TV Tonno till ES Open Championship 2009 som går på lördag 18:e aptril 0500 – 0859 UTC. Läs vad Tonno skriver:

Dear friends and contesters,

ES OPEN HF Championship 2009 will take place next Saturday, April 18th, from 0500 to 0859 UTC on 40m and 80m! We invite you to
participate in this nice small contest. There will be many ES stations active and contest is held both in SSB and CW.

International winners get special trophies from ERAU plus all country winners will be awarded. There is also a special LP trophy.

Please check the results and rules from

Rules are very easy: the contest consists of 4 equal one hour periods where you can work a station once on both bands. Thus 8 times maximum in total during the contest. Foreign stations can work ES stations only and multipliers are ES region prefixes (0 to 9) on both bands and modes. So 20 for CW/SSB and 40 for Mixed class.

CW QSOs give 2 points and SSB 1 point. Report is RST + QSO number.

Text format logs (cabrillo preferred) should be sent to

You can use WPX configuration of different logging programs as ES prefixes are all multipliers. Just have to clean dupe sheet after every hour or start new log. In Rules you will also find instructions how to use Win-Test logging software!

Hope to CU on next Saturday!