Missa inte EU Sprint SSB!

Det är inte alla som är upptagna av att vara med på SSA:s årsmöte i helgen. Då kan kanske testen EU Sprint SSB vara ett annorlunda äventyr att delta i?

Så här skriver G4BUO om testen. (Tack till SM6U som tipsade!)

Following last week's CW Sprint, tomorrow (Saturday) is the European
Phone Sprint contest, from 16.00 to 19.59UTC.

Once you call CQ or QRZ and make a QSO, you must QSY at least 2kHz
before your next QSO, so no-one can gain an advantage by sitting on a
frequency (or by 'warming up' a frequency before the start!)
The exchange is serial number (no RS needed) and name, and both sides
of a QSO must send *both* callsigns. The contest is held on 20, 40 and
80m.  Activity typically starts on 20, the middle period is spent on 40
and then the last hour is mainly 80m.
 Visit  www.eusprint.com  for full details
 Dave G4BUO