Årets sista nummer av PileUP

Du har väl inte missat årets sista nummer av PileUp!  med flera intressanta artiklar om SAC? Bara att ladda hem och njuta!

Så här skriver Ilkka & Co på TOEC-reflektorn:
PileUP! is a product of Love from contesters to contesters and those who
would like to be one! Here Love is spelled with a capital L. For six years
PileUP! has delighted contesters with this editorial team, making many
wonder and reconsider their position on many key subjects of radiosport.
But PileUP! has also reflected feelings and emotions with humour to and
from those who already see radio sporting as part of their life.

The PileUP! edition 15/5 is released today. Countless hours have gone
into the editing process, and the best “Thank You” to those who made it
happen will come from a private moment you set aside to read this issue
and mull over the views of people from the frozen village and their
supporters overseas.

Pass the link on as this is the last edition produced by this editorial
They salute everyone – you and your friends – within this small but
great part of Amateur Radio – Amateur Radio Contesting!

Link: http://www.helsinki.fi/~korpela/PU/PU.html

Have a Wonderful New Year 2012 and see you for many quick exchanges
in the course of coming years. PileUP! 16(1) waits for your contributions,
stay on alert!

Dec 29, 2011. The team: OH1WZ, OH2BH, OH6KZP, OH7WV