IARU-tester & COVID-19

Från IARU och G3BJ kommer nedanstående meddelande om IARU ståndpunkt kring tester som har klasser med MULTI-OPERATOR. 


Radio amateurs will share the concerns of everyone about the seriousness of the COVID-19 outbreak. Governments all over the world are advising “social distancing” to slow the spread of the virus and to give health services the chance to cope.

Field days bring radio amateurs together and therefore represent an environment where social distancing is difficult to achieve. We must recognise that many radio amateurs are in the older, higher risk age groups.  IARU Region 1 therefore asks national societies which promote field days and multi-operator contests to reconsider their position on these events for the next few months of 2020. Field days are essentially team contests, and so IARU will not sponsor the Region 1 HF-CW Field Day in June.   It is a matter for national societies to decide whether and how they continue with their national field day events. 

IARU Region 1 believes more generally that multi-operator contests are not consistent with the principle of ”social distancing” and should not be promoted at this time. 

The position on other IARU events in 2020 which involve multi-operator categories is under review.

Single operator contests, however, remain a great way for those forced to stay at home to enjoy the magic of amateur radio!


Don Beattie, President IARU Region 1