Ny SCP-databas finns att ladda hem

Lagom till helgens CQ WW -test har K5ZD sammanställt en ny utgåva av databasen Super Check Partial. Som kuriosa kan nämnas att i databasen finns 399 svenska anropssignaler. Det är knappa 1% av alla call i databasen.

Så här skriver Randy på cq-contest reflektorn.

A new release of the Super Check Partial database files is now available at

Calls in master file: 43,130
Source Logs: 2,943
Total QSOs: 3,904,086 (unique Calls: 127,566)

Note: This is about 1000 less calls than the last version dated 23 Oct.
This is because I only use the logs from the past 2 years. This master file
drops the 200 logs from CQWW Phone 2005 and replaces it with only 90 logs from 2007. Even so, we still have almost 4000 more calls in the master file than this time last year.

If you ever want to check what version of the SCP files you are using, look
for a call beginning with “VER”. Every SCP file includes the version number
in the list of calls. VERYYYYMMDD

Please send me your logs immediately after each contest. The easiest thing
is to cc k5zd@contesting.com when you submit your Cabrillo format log to the sponsor’s robot.

Next release of master files will be in mid January 2008.

Good luck in CQ WW CW this weekend!

Randy Thompson, K5ZD
E-mail k5zd@contesting.com
Web: http://www.k5zd.com

PS – Let me know if you find any bad calls in the master file.