Nya regler för SAC

Nu har det äntligen blivit nya regler för SAC – Scandinavian Activity Contest. Reglerna har moderniserats och nu är det en enda regeluppsättning som gäller.

Läs mer på sactest.net (klicka på Rules)

Nyheterna inkluderar:

  1. Logs and log checking reports will be public in order to increase transparency. A log checking report will be sent automatically to each station in order to enhance the learning experience.
  2. A single-operator assisted (high power) category has been added for non-Scandinavian stations. It allows the use of DX clusters, Skimmers, and other Skimmer-like technology, but not that of receivers and antennas that are not located at the site of the transmitter.
  3. A rookie (low power) category and a tribander/single-element (low power) category has been added for Scandinavian stations to increase interest among new operators and those with more modest stations.
  4. The log submission deadline has been shortened to two weeks after each leg in order to speed up the results process. If we are lucky, we might be able to publish the CW results before the SSB leg.
  5. The option to submit paper logs has been removed. Those operators who’ve kept a log on paper are provided with a possibility for manual entry at http://www.sactest.net.
  6. Explicit and thus enforceable frequency limits have been added for Scandinavian stations on 80M.
  7. The shortwave listener (SWL) category has been removed due to low interest.

I den pinfärska PileUP! 15(3) 2011 finns också reglerna redovisade och mycket annat intressant om SAC och contesting. Det mesta är skrivet på engelska.  Ladda hem (PDF)!