Ett rykande färskt nummer av contest-tidningen PileUP! Har precis lämnat redaktörens hand.

Så här skriver OH1WZ Ilkka:

Oops! PileUp! Did it Again.

The new 52-page issue focuses on the Scandinavian Activity Contest, but the usual, brainless humor and other ham topics were not forgotten. Three dozen individuals had a say to this issue! Hopefully even more show up to work SAC.

  • Click and Enjoy PileUP! 15(4). (PU! is so smart that not even a double-click is necessary): http://www.helsinki.fi/~korpela/PU/PU.html
  • Monster-Olli?s Adventures ? Part III
  • The Perfect Amplifier
  • News on Cycle 24
  • A Visit to President?s Premises
  • Launch of WMCC
  • Executive SAC HF Propagation Summary
  • Anomalous SAC Trophy Program ? Now is your chance!
  • and much more?

Next one is due in November and will be the post-SAC-and-pre-WMCC issue.

Cheers from the editors OH1WZ, OH6KZP & OH7WV

P.S. The pdf-document is 11MBytes. You can make it to the fridge, while PU! loads