Nödfrekvenser – Orkanen Otis

Från IARU R1 EMCOR Greg Mossop G0DUB (via mail från Thomas SM7MWA, 2023-10-26) har vi fått följande begäran från Region 2 angående orkanen Otis. Det är extra viktigt att lyssna och undvika nödfrekvenserna nu under helgens CQWW SSB .

80m band: 3690 kHz
40m band: 7060 kHz and 7095 kHz
20m band: 14325 kHz (Hurricane net) Läs mer på ARRL:s hemsida.

Notera att även andra frekvenser kan vara igång. 

The following email has been received from Region 2 regarding hurricane Otis.


As everyone knows, in the early hours of this Wednesday, October 25,
some states of Mexico with Pacific coasts received the impact of
intense Hurricane Otis, especially in the state of Guerrero and its
port of Acapulco.

For the work carried out there by the emergency networks of the
Mexican Federation of Radio Experimenters and the Association of Radio
Amateurs of the Mexican Republic, through their emergency coordinators
Zian Julio Aguirre Taboada, XE1ATZ, and Agustin Lopez Guerrero,
XE2YWN, respectively, they are requesting the protection of the
following frequencies:

80m band: 3690 kHz
40m band: 7060 kHz and 7095 kHz.

We appreciate the protection of the frequencies to facilitate
emergency communications for Mexican colleagues.

Carlos Alberto Santamaría González, CO2JC.
Emergency Coordinator, IARU R2.”